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My name is Jean O,
Photo & Video Producer

P4F studios mean passion for films studio.

We pride our Customers and Value our Integrity putting in our very best to customer satisfaction, good time management, respectful and outstanding friendly customer service.

It is a passion that I have right from when I was little, which was later transformed into a professional business. We have shot movies and musicals with passion and enthusiasm, making our clients happy seeing their live videos and beautiful outstanding pictures. Flawless production at all times, and value for money.

My Skills


Our portrait photos speak volume with a touch of quality edit and framing


We are skilled at Lifestyle photography that aims to capture people in situations, real-life events or milestones


We have great skill to shoot a wide variety of subjects, including people, animals and wide variety of products, from automobiles to jewellery in our studio.


We specialize in capturing displayed clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines

Why Choose Me?

light composure

Photo & Video footage with Ultra high light balance and composure in studio and on location.

Professional skills

Highly skilled camera handling with up to date training to meet your desired output.

Perfect Equipment

Working with the latest 4K camcorders & cameras to give you the best possible high definition

ultra hd

We pride ourselves in delivering a world-class ultra high definition photo and video.

unique vision

Our production is incomparable with its naturalness and dynamic glittering finishes.

focusing knowledges

We got eyes for details to ensure that we do not miss any part of your special day footage.